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Open source tech leaders urge new Congress to prioritize privacy in blockchain regulation · 2023-01-21 2 min Written byJan 10, 2023 | CyberScoopWritten byJan 10, 2023 | CYBERSCOOPA group of more than 28 technology organizations that develop open-source and decentralized projects is urging Congress to “take a bold stance” to protect consumer privacy when regulating the blockchain spa
What Is a BIP39? · 2023-01-06 3 min A step in the process of setting up a new cryptocurrency wallet is the issuance of a 12 to 24 word mnemonic phrase or seed phrases. These seed phrases are necessary for account recovery in case of lost access to users’ funds. The Bitcoin Improvement Proposal number 39 (BIP39) i
DOra, un sistema distribuito per applicazioni industriali critiche · 2022-12-01 13 min Alla fine di settembre Teleconsys ha depositato la richiesta di brevetto internazionale per un sistema distribuito. Il sistema si chiama dOra ed è il frutto di una lunga attività di ricerca partita circa cinque anni fa sperimentando con smartcard criptografiche e blockchain. I
Why Threshold Signature Wallets Are Better Than MultiSig Wallet: Top 5 Reasons | MPC Wallet Solutions | Sepior · 2022-11-15 7 min Until the fall of 2018, the most widely accepted scheme for secure multiparty approvals of cryptocurrency transactions was MultiSig. Then SBI Holdings, a leading financial services provider in Japan, selected Threshold Signatures as the preferred wallet security scheme for their
WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Recovers Over $30 Million in Cryptocurrency Stolen by North Korean Hackers · 2022-09-09 4 min U.S. authorities have seized cryptocurrency plundered by hackers linked to North Korea. Photo: Valeria Mongelli/Bloomberg News U.S. authorities have seized more than $30 million in cryptocurrency
US Treasury sanctions cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash · 2022-08-13 1 min Regulation • August 8, 2022, 10:24AM EDTby Kollen PostThe BlockQuick TakeThe Treasury is sanctioning DeFi mixing service, Tornado Cash. The move is the agency’s second sanction of a mixing service and arguably the first designed to take down a DeFi protocol.  The Treasury ac
Solana, USDC Drained From Wallets in attack Decrypt · 2022-08-03 3 min An unknown attacker drained thousands of wallets containing at least $4 million worth of Solana and USDC late Tuesday night. The hack, which was still ongoing at 8:00 PM PST, seemed to originate on the Solana browser wallet Phantom and was believed to compromise user keys—possi
Come si diventa “validatore” Ethereum con il Proof of Stake? · 2022-07-06 6 min Ethereum (PoS),  PUBBLICATO: 30 maggio 20:00 Tempo stimato di lettura: 8 min utidi Alda Moleti LEGGI ALTRI ARTICOLI SUEthereumblockchain Dicendo addio al Proof-of-Work Ethereum dirà anche addio ai “miners” al “mining” di criptovalute. L’estrazione dei nuovi token e l
Presearch · 2022-06-04 3 min Do you support decentralization and an open internet that isn’t dominated by a handful of Big Tech companies?Now you can be part of the solution by operating a Presearch Node and helping to power the Presearch decentralized search engine.Presearch Nodes are used to process user

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