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Lexchain: Blockchain, Bitcoin, formazione e strategie legali e contrattuali.

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Perché l’Europa ha bisogno di un euro digitale · 2023-06-28 4 min Il mondo intorno a noi sta cambiando. La digitalizzazione sta trasformando la nostra società in modi che solo dieci anni fa sarebbe stato arduo immaginare. Stanno cambiando anche le nostre abitudini di pagamento. In particolare, i cittadini mostrano una crescente preferenza vers
Securities e cripto la sec cambia le regole del gioco f05b30c1ea73 · 2023-06-19 < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
Blockchain: come Soundreef tutela la tua musica · 2023-06-14 1 min Cosa è la Blockchain?La Blockchain è un registro su cui sono presenti dei blocchi contenenti delle informazioni, di qualsiasi genere. Ognuno di questi blocchi collega e si collega cronologicamente agli altri, e ogni volta che un’informazione viene aggiunta, si crea un ulterio
TechDispatch #1/2023 Central Bank Digital Currency · 2023-03-31 29 min Countries around the world are examining whether they should offer central bank money to the public not only as banknotes and coins, but also in digital form.The fact that the majority of central banks around the world have already started exploring the possibility of launching
UseNostr · 2023-03-10 6 min 🤸 AccountsIn nostr you don't need to register for an account by using personal data.Like in Bitcoin, you just need a set of keys. Two keys to be precise:🏷️ A public key: Which will act as your username. This key can be shared and will be public to everyone. 🔑 A private
EIDAS digital identity assurance levels clearly and easily explained – Quinta’s weblog · 2023-03-02 1 min wallets with “high” level of assurance are based on very sophisticated hardware and software…. but credentials are issued with an (effectively) unauditable process, involving o(100k) clerks, without logging of the issuance act, without realtime background checks, with a non
What’s in a Boostagram? · 2023-02-26 4 min A boostagram is a short text message attached to a voluntary value-for-value payment integrated into modern Podcasting 2.0 apps. The payment and the message are direct, peer-to-peer, enabled by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, you are in
Coinbase breached by social engineers, employee data stolen · 2023-02-24 7 min by Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is the latest well-known online brand name that’s admitted to getting breached. The company decided to turn its breach report into an interesting mix of partial mea culpa and handy advice for others. As in the recent case of Reddi
How do NFT Airdrops Work? NFT Desire · 2023-01-18 4 min NFT Desire StaffNovember 30, 2021If you are new to the cryptocurrency and NFT world, there are a lot of new concepts to learn, but one of the things you may have seen in forum discussions and other content is people talking about an airdropped NFT. An airdrop is when a currency

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"La blockchain è il partner tecnologico nell'informatica, la legge il partner tecnologico nella realtà "