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Procedure File: 2021/0241(COD) | Legislative Observatory · 2023-04-21 < 1 min Legislative proposalCOM(2021)042220/07/2021ECDocument attached to the procedureN9-0001/202222/09/2021EDPSEuropean Central Bank: opinion, guideline, reportCON/2021/0037OJ C 068 09.02.2022, p. 000230/11/2021ECBEconomic and Social Committee: opinion, reportCES2524/202108/12/20
TechDispatch #1/2023 Central Bank Digital Currency · 2023-03-31 29 min Countries around the world are examining whether they should offer central bank money to the public not only as banknotes and coins, but also in digital form.The fact that the majority of central banks around the world have already started exploring the possibility of launching
Bitcoin mining How do you create a block? · 2023-03-31 7 min En previous articles we have analyzed the technology blockchain y how it is constituted. We also have an article dedicated to blocks that make up the blockchain and another dedicated to Transactions, which in turn make up the blocks. If you do not know these terms, we invite you
Important information about Silicon Valley Bank : Stripe: Help & Support · 2023-03-12 6 min Stripe does not have direct exposure to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) or Silicon Valley Bank UK (SVB UK).As a result of the FDIC takeover of SVB and an intention, barring an intervening event, to put SVB UK into insolvency, Stripe has suspended payouts to SVB and SVB UK bank accounts
Clients Docs · 2023-03-10 1 min Clients are the way that you access and interact with the Nostr protocol.What's a client?A client in Nostr is just the app that you use to access and interact with the protocol. It's like the Twitter iOS app or web app that you use to interact with Twitter's feed of tweets.Becaus
UseNostr · 2023-03-10 6 min 🤸 AccountsIn nostr you don't need to register for an account by using personal data.Like in Bitcoin, you just need a set of keys. Two keys to be precise:🏷️ A public key: Which will act as your username. This key can be shared and will be public to everyone. 🔑 A private
Cosa sono gli airdrop di criptovalute · 2023-03-06 10 min Il termine airdrop, nel mondo delle cripto, ha ormai assunto un significato che tutti conoscono. Come suggeriscono i termini inglesi air e drop, l’espressione airdrop sta a indicare qualcosa che “cade dal cielo”.Proprio in questo senso, quando si parla di crypto drop si in
Crypto projects respond to privacy coin ban in Dubai · 2023-02-15 4 min Christopher Goes, co-founder of privacy protocol Anoma, pointed out that privacy is a basic human right and a ban demonstrates a lack of consideration for the public. Follow up Own this piece of history Collect this article as an NFT The Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority
Insurance Europe response to targeted open finance consultation · 2023-02-06 70 min Response to EC targeted consultation on open finance framework and data sharing in the financial sector Our reference: COB -TECH -22 -081 Date: 5 July 2022 Referring to: -2022 -open -finance_en Con

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