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Clients Docs · 2023-03-10 1 min Clients are the way that you access and interact with the Nostr protocol.What's a client?A client in Nostr is just the app that you use to access and interact with the protocol. It's like the Twitter iOS app or web app that you use to interact with Twitter's feed of tweets.Becaus
EIDAS digital identity assurance levels clearly and easily explained – Quinta’s weblog · 2023-03-02 1 min wallets with “high” level of assurance are based on very sophisticated hardware and software…. but credentials are issued with an (effectively) unauditable process, involving o(100k) clerks, without logging of the issuance act, without realtime background checks, with a non
The EU Digital identity Wallet: Episode 1 An Overview · 2023-02-26 2 min EDPS traineesWhat is it and how does it work? What are its key data protection benefits and risks?Welcome to the first episode of a three-part podcast series focused on the EU Digital identity Wallet (DIW), organised by the trainees of the European Data Protection Supervisor and
The eu digital identity wallet · 2023-02-26 < 1 min Download Audio
Digital identity, euro e wallet digitali · 2023-02-24 < 1 min Download Audio
Privacy coins are cryptocurrencies that can be traded anonymously · 2023-02-15 6 min JUMP TO Section Chevron iconIt indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options. What are privacy coins? How do privacy coins work?  What is the purpose of privacy coins? Are privacy coins legal? What are privacy coins? How do privacy
Insurers welcome EC proposals for European digital identity and highlight technical considerations · 2023-02-06 1 min Insurance Europe has responded to a consultation by the EC on its proposal for a European digital identity. Digital identities are an essential component of the digital single market and of national and European economies. The insurance industry therefore welcomes the EC’s init
Insurance Europe response to targeted open finance consultation · 2023-02-06 70 min Response to EC targeted consultation on open finance framework and data sharing in the financial sector Our reference: COB -TECH -22 -081 Date: 5 July 2022 Referring to: -2022 -open -finance_en Con
The EU Digital identity Wallet: Episode 1 An Overview · 2023-01-12 < 1 min The EU Digital identity Wallet: Episode 1 - An Overview - EU Video JavaScript required It seems JavaScript is either blocked or disabled in your web browser. We totally get that. However, this page will not work without it. If you are concerned about the security and priva

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