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Archdiocese of Bangkok releases first ever Catholic NFT · 2022-06-04 07:39 estimated reading time: 3 min (LiCAS News). The Archdiocese of Bangkok has announced the first-ever public release this week of an NFT token min ted officially by the Catholic Church via, an NFT marketplace built on the energy efficient Tezos blockchain.An NFT, or non-fungib
Skiff Integrates IPFS to Bring Decentralization and Encryption to Consumers · 2022-03-07 20:33:14+0 estimated reading time: 1 min Skiff Integrates IPFS to Bring Decentralization and Encryption to Consumers Skiff’s integration of IPFS means documents and files can be stored and shared with security, persistence, and privacy. Today, Skiff (opens new window) has announced its integrat
Guida pratica sulle criptovalute in dichiarazione dei redditi · 2022-02-03 22:35:42+0 estimated reading time: 30 min Le valute virtuali, o meglio le rappresentazioni virtuali di valore, possono essere definite come Criptovalute. Si tratta di valute che possono essere create da chiunque abbia capacità informatiche per costituire la tecnologia e sviluppare il softwar
Tonkeeper · 2022-01-14 07:06:59+0 estimated reading time: 12 min Terms of useLast updated October 5, 2021.OverviewPlease read the present Terms of Use (the “ToU”) carefully as they form a binding legal agreement between J&B Investments Group Inc. (“J&B”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) a company regist
Introduction to Decentralized Identity | IOTA Wiki · 2021-12-09 16:54:47+0 estimated reading time: 10 min Decentralized Identity or Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) defines a new method for identity management and authentication. It removes the centralized aspects and puts the Identity subject in full control over its own identity. Decentralized identity provides
Decentralized Exchanges and IOTA: A Beginner’s Guide · 2021-12-07 12:30:00+0 estimated reading time: 10 min TL;DR:IOTA’s smart contract tech enables decentralized exchanges – the engine behind decentralized finance and decentralized autonomous organizations – to be built by anyone, anywhere, and with the potential to power all kinds of projects, applicatio
☂️ Umbrel — a personal server for everyone · 2021-12-01 14:39:49+0 estimated reading time: 4 min Run your personal server with a Bitcoin and Lightning node in your home, self-host open source apps like Nextcloud and Matrix to break away from big tech, and take full control of your data. For free. BUY An UMBREL SERVER Or build your own All our intera
Crypto design challenges · 2021-11-28 10:46:39+0 estimated reading time: 23 min It’s still early days in crypto.That’s what you’ll hear everywhere when you start digging into crypto and web3 today. For most new users this unfortunately feels a bit closer to the wild west. There are a myriad of situations where they might not kn
EU Launches International Blockchain Association, Bringing Crypto One Step Closer to Mainstream Adoption · 2021-09-20 17:35 estimated reading time: 8 min The EU’s launch of an international blockchain association is a pivotal step in providing regulatory certainty for early adopters. Follow up The European Union has officially launched the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications
The Best Ethereum Wallet Reviews CoinCentral · 2021-09-09 16:44 estimated reading time: 11 min Ethereum has the second highest market cap in the cryptocurrency world so it’s no surprise that there’s been a major influx of attention from investors.With this increased attention comes the need for a secure place to store ether.So we’re going to t