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IOTA Community Treasury Vote · 2022-05-28 22:27 estimated reading time: 18 min TL;DR:The IOTA community is preparing for the first-ever community vote in the history of IOTA. A token-based voting system has been developed for the Firefly Wallet offering all IOTA token holders the opportunity to vote on the destiny of unclaimed treasu
The Most Portable Way to Mine Crypto — Deeper Network Connect Pico · 2022-02-25 09:20:45+0 estimated reading time: 4 min Alpine Capital Markets·FollowDec 14, 2021·5 min readAfter min ing Helium for the last year I became interested in learning what other “low power” min ers were on the market that offered a product I would actually use and have the potential of generat
Identity Suite · 2021-12-09 11:28:57+0 estimated reading time: < 1 min Identity Suite tutorial VIDEO Open-Source Digital Identity Tools Built Upon the IOTA Identity Protocols VIRATMNative Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet ApplicationVIEW REPOCERTIFYTMOrganisation Identity Management ApplicationVIEW REPOCloudVaultTMVerifiab
Contents Lightning Node Management · 2021-12-03 10:52:08+0 estimated reading time: 1 min Lightning Node Management Search… Lightning Node Management Contents Lightning basics Create inbound liquidity Create outbound liquidity Comparison table of software implementations Node Types Merchant Spending Routing Advanced Tools Methods to cr
Solidity by Example | 0.8.3 · 2021-10-28 18:07 estimated reading time: < 1 min You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.v 0.8.3an introduction to Solidity with simple examplesMost code are explained hereHello World First App Primitive Data Types Variables Constants Immutable Reading and Writing to a State Variable Ether and
Understanding how a blockchain works, with Php and Json · 2021-09-03 09:48 estimated reading time: 6 min Simone RicciNov 17, 2018·6 min readThis article aims at a first introduction to the very basic principles of blockchain for (web) developers with no experience in this field. I am going to review the structure of a very simple blockchain, by building one