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EU Council discusses Digital Euro: And how much privacy should it be? · 2024-07-07 7 min Member states are negotiating rules for the planned digital currency, in particular exemptions from surveillance for offline transactions. A planned „single access point“ is a cause for concern, but additional privacy rules are also on the table. We publish working document
BfDI Press Berlin Group adopts working paper on digital central bank money · 2024-07-04 1 min The International Working Group on Data Protection in Technology (IWGDPT), the so-called "Berlin Group", chaired by the BfDI, has adopted a working paper on digital central bank money. The paper describes important privacy-related risk factors and provides practical recommendatio
Crypto bank files record $3 billion lawsuit against Bulgaria · 2024-01-25 3 min Crypto bank Nexo has filed a record $3 billion lawsuit against Bulgaria over the actions of prosecutors and other state institutions against its executives, the company said on Wednesday.It is the largest lawsuit ever brought against Bulgaria, which is facing another pending laws
EU backs Data Act with clause to shut off smart contracts · 2023-12-02 1 min The Act, inclusive of a clause necessitating “kill switches” on smart contracts, only now needs approval from the European Council to pass into law. 10622 Total views 52 Total shares Listen to article News Join us on social networks The European Parliament has vot
EU Parliament Approves Controversial Data Act with Smart Contract Kill Switch · 2023-11-14 2 min Despite strong opposition from crypto industry players, the European Parliament introduces the Data Act that can severely impact the smart contract platforms.On Thursday, November 9, members of the European Parliament endorsed a Data Act that includes a contentious provision pote
EU Digital Identity Regulation (eIDAS): Pirates don’t support blank cheque for surveillance of citizens online! · 2023-11-09 2 min The EU Parliament and EU Council yesterday struck a political deal on the reform of the EU Digital Identity Regulation (eIDAS 2). A new digital identity wallet app is to allow EU citizens to access public and private digital services such as Facebook or Google, and pay online. Th
Home EBSI · 2023-07-06 4 min Created by Virginie MANGELINCK, last modified by Georgios Chatzitheodoridis on Jul 05, 2023 The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) was born in 2018 when 29 countries (all EU members states, Norway and Liechtenstein) and the EU Commission have joined forces to crea
Paradise lost? How crypto failed to deliver on its promises and what to do about it · 2023-06-28 16 min Speech by Fabio Panetta, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, at a panel on the future of crypto at the 22nd BIS Annual Conference, 23 June 2023IntroductionSome 15 years ago, software developers using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created the source code of what they thoug
Binance lifts block on bitcoin withdrawals amid heavy volumes · 2023-05-08 1 min SummaryFour hour block on bitcoin withdrawals across Sunday and MondayPending transactions cleared with higher fees - BinanceMay 7 (Reuters) - Cryptocurrency exchange Binance halted bitcoin withdrawals for several hours on Monday, citing heavy volumes and a surge in processing fe

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