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Crypto bank files record $3 billion lawsuit against Bulgaria · 2024-01-25 3 min Crypto bank Nexo has filed a record $3 billion lawsuit against Bulgaria over the actions of prosecutors and other state institutions against its executives, the company said on Wednesday.It is the largest lawsuit ever brought against Bulgaria, which is facing another pending laws
Open source tech leaders urge new Congress to prioritize privacy in blockchain regulation · 2023-01-21 2 min Written byJan 10, 2023 | CyberScoopWritten byJan 10, 2023 | CYBERSCOOPA group of more than 28 technology organizations that develop open-source and decentralized projects is urging Congress to “take a bold stance” to protect consumer privacy when regulating the blockchain spa
Tornado Sanctions Should Target Bad Actors. Not Technology. · 2022-09-12 7 min Tl;dr: Coinbase is funding a lawsuit brought by six people challenging the US Treasury Department’s sanctions of the Tornado Cash smart contracts and asking the Court to remove them from the U.S. sanctions list. The lawsuit explains that OFAC exceeded its authority from Congres
Criptovalute nel buio: Coinbase fa tremare i clienti, El Salvador rischia il default · 2022-05-13 2 min 12 Maggio 2022 Non sono a prova di fallimento i portafogli di criptovalute su Coinbase, una delle piattaforme di scambio più grandi al mondo. Scenario comunque decisamente improbabile per il CEO Brian Armstrong, che su Twitter ha voluto rassicurare i clienti dopo aver preso at
OpenSea Completes Contract Migration To Fix $1M NFT Listing Exploit · 2022-02-26 2 min Key Insights The Ethereum NFT Marketplace migrated its smart contract to protect traders’ listings OpenSea announced this a week ago after multiple users lost their NFTs due to the listing exploit To prevent a similar occurrence, OpenSea even launched a new listing manager
L'Ucraina legalizza i Bitcoin e altre criptovalute per salvare un'economia ormai in crisi · 2022-02-22 1 min L’Ucraina ha approvato una nuova legge per legalizzare ufficialmente i Bitcoin, oltre ad altre criptovalute, secondo il sito ufficiale del paese. Fondamentalmente, la nuova legge rende le risorse virtuali legali al 100%. Le persone in Ucraina possono gestire criptovalute ed ese
Canadians Go Bitcoin (BTC) as Government Targets Bank Accounts · 2022-02-21 3 min Canada has become one of a growing list of nations facing backlash from citizens over COVID-19 curbs. Protests began in late January in response to new laws for cross-border truckers. Effective 15th January, all cross-border truck drivers became subject to mandatory vaccine and q
Bridging fiat and crypto worlds · 2022-01-05 35 min Version 3.6.Revision from 08.11.2021.1. General provisions1.1. The present Agreement is concluded between MoneySwap OÜ, a company registered and operating under the laws of Republic of Estonia under the registration number 14461101, which is registered at Kopli tn 27, Põhja-Ta
DarkSide Update: The FBI Hacks the Hackers?—Wolfram Blog · 2021-12-19 3 min In my May 25, 2021, blog post “Sleuthing DarkSide Crypto-Ransom Payments with the Wolfram Language,” I detailed how I used the Wolfram Language, public knowledge and some guesswork to track crypto-ransom payments made by Colonial Pipeline on May 8 and Brenntag on May 11 to th

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