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Lexchain: Blockchain, Bitcoin, formazione e strategie legali e contrattuali.

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Cristina Riboni on LinkedIn: #criptovaluta #arte #sec #etp #bitcoin #digitale #beeple #nft… · 2024-01-29 2 min Cristina Riboni Partner @ CBM & Partners, Milan • Civil and Art Lawyer4d Il mondo della #criptovaluta continua a intersecarsi con quello dell’#arte. Lo scorso 10 gennaio la Securities and Exchange Commission #SEC americana ha approvato per la prima volta la quotazione e c
crypto bank files record $3 billion lawsuit against Bulgaria · 2024-01-25 3 min crypto bank Nexo has filed a record $3 billion lawsuit against Bulgaria over the actions of prosecutors and other state institutions against its executives, the company said on Wednesday.It is the largest lawsuit ever brought against Bulgaria, which is facing another pending laws
“Digital euro”: Pirate amendments want to enable real digital cash · 2024-01-12 1 min Avviso contenuto: On Monday, the negotiating teams in the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee will discuss amendments for the first time. Pirate Party MEP Patrick Breyer, his group’s lead negotiator in the LIBE … O
EU Parliament Approves Data Act With Smart Contract Kill Switch Provision · 2023-12-02 1 min May 29-31, 2024 - Austin, TexasThe biggest and most established global hub for everything crypto, blockchain and Web3.Register NowShare on FacebookShare on LinkedInMembers of the European Parliament voted Thursday to approve a Data Act containing a controversial clause that coul
EU backs Data Act with clause to shut off smart contracts · 2023-12-02 1 min The Act, inclusive of a clause necessitating “kill switches” on smart contracts, only now needs approval from the European Council to pass into law. 10622 Total views 52 Total shares Listen to article News Join us on social networks The European Parliament has vot
EU Parliament Approves Controversial Data Act with Smart Contract Kill Switch · 2023-11-14 2 min Despite strong opposition from crypto industry players, the European Parliament introduces the Data Act that can severely impact the smart contract platforms.On Thursday, November 9, members of the European Parliament endorsed a Data Act that includes a contentious provision pote
The slippery slope towards digital surveillance · 2023-09-19 < 1 min The slippery slope towards digital surveillanceiOSAndroidWe examine the civil liberties implications of monitoring all cryptocurrency transactions. We look at the data privacy costs of reigning in the dark web. And we do it all with Marta Belcher, special...We examine the ci
Cos’è il cloud storage: IPFS, Filecoin, Storj e The Graph · 2023-09-07 8 min Essere umani significa ricordare: la memoria definisce l’identità. Le tecnologie odierne, dunque, possono renderci infinitamente più consapevoli, conservando per noiinformazioni, idee, progetti.  Così, andiamo nel mondo avvolti da “nuvole” di dati: il significato di clo
Paradise lost? How crypto failed to deliver on its promises and what to do about it · 2023-06-28 16 min Speech by Fabio Panetta, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, at a panel on the future of crypto at the 22nd BIS Annual Conference, 23 June 2023IntroductionSome 15 years ago, software developers using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created the source code of what they thoug

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