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Il caso Sterlingov feat. Federico Rivi · 2023-10-01 1 min Il caso Sterlingov - feat. Federico Rivi - Invidious Watch on YouTube(Embed)Switch Invidious InstanceEmbed LinkShow annotationsDownload is disabled61264Genre: EntertainmentLicense: Standard YouTube licenseFamily friendly? Yes BlockChain Caffè Il recente caso contro Sterlingov ha
The slippery slope towards digital surveillance · 2023-09-19 < 1 min The slippery slope towards digital surveillanceiOSAndroidWe examine the civil liberties implications of monitoring all cryptocurrency transactions. We look at the data privacy costs of reigning in the dark web. And we do it all with Marta Belcher, special...We examine the ci
Ricercatore Ethereum: Staking rivela l'indirizzo IP, crescono preoccupazioni per la privacy · 2023-04-15 2 min Un ricercatore della Ethereum Foundation ha rivelato che gli indirizzi IP degli operatori di Ether (ETH) sono monitorati come parte di una serie più ampia di metadati, suscitando nella crypto community preoccupazione per la privacy di Ethereum.In un'intervista rilasciata il 12 a
Meta stacca la spina agli NFT su Instagram e Facebook · 2023-03-14 3 min Meta, società Big Tech, ha deciso di eliminare i token non fungibili dalle sue piattaforme di social media, Facebook e Instagram, dopo circa 10 mesi dal loro lancio.Stephane Kasriel, responsabile del commercio e delle tecnologie finanziarie di Meta, ha twittato la notizia il 13
What’s in a Boostagram? · 2023-02-26 4 min A boostagram is a short text message attached to a voluntary value-for-value payment integrated into modern podcasting 2.0 apps. The payment and the message are direct, peer-to-peer, enabled by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, you are in
The EU Digital Identity Wallet: Episode 1 An Overview · 2023-02-26 2 min EDPS traineesWhat is it and how does it work? What are its key data protection benefits and risks?Welcome to the first episode of a three-part podcast series focused on the EU Digital Identity Wallet (DIW), organised by the trainees of the European Data Protection Supervisor and
The eu digital identity wallet · 2023-02-26 < 1 min Download Audio
Coinbase breached by social engineers, employee data stolen · 2023-02-24 7 min by Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is the latest well-known online brand name that’s admitted to getting breached. The company decided to turn its breach report into an interesting mix of partial mea culpa and handy advice for others. As in the recent case of Reddi
The EU Digital Identity Wallet: Episode 1 An Overview · 2023-01-12 < 1 min The EU Digital Identity Wallet: Episode 1 - An Overview - EU Video JavaScript required It seems JavaScript is either blocked or disabled in your web browser. We totally get that. However, this page will not work without it. If you are concerned about the security and priva

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