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Lexchain: Blockchain, Bitcoin, formazione e strategie legali e contrattuali.

Terra powering the innovation of money · 2022-05-14 10:04 estimated reading time: < 1 min Terra’s ecosystem is booming. Join the creators, builders, and users of the Terra ecosystem to pioneer the future of DeFi & online communities.Access the first successful, decentralized algorithmic stablecoin. Participate in the value creation of
Intervista a Cupydo: l'anonimo cryptoartista tra arte tradizionale e NFT Noterelle di Finanza Personale · 2022-05-14 09:14 estimated reading time: 13 min Intervista a Cupydo, l’anonimo cryptoartista che il giorno di San Valentino 2022 ha installato, sulla metropolitana di Milano, un’opera interattiva di Arte NFT. L’opera ha suscitato un forte interesse anche tra i non addetti ai lavori. L’instal
Texas city becomes first in country to mine bitcoin in pilot program · 2022-04-30 07:49 estimated reading time: 3 min Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday became the first U.S. city to min e bitcoin in a new pilot program aimed at cultivating a more vibrant tech scene.Approved unanimously by city council vote Tuesday morning, the small-scale program will run three Bitmain S-9 min
Shopify lightning network at DuckDuckGo · 2022-04-09 15:36 estimated reading time: 6 min shopify lightning network at DuckDuckGo How Shopify Fulfillment Network Brings 2-Day Delivery to Your Store. You don't have to be a big box store to offer fast delivery. Here's how we can get your packages to customer doorsteps at lightning speed. Read post
Strike CEO Announces Shopify Partnership, Claims Lightning Network as Better Alternative to Visa The Tokenist · 2022-04-09 15:33 estimated reading time: 4 min Neither the author, Tim Fries, nor this website, The Tokenist, provide financial advice. Please consult our website policy prior to making financial decisions.At the ongoing Bitcoin Conference in Miami, major deals were disclosed that should significantly
In UE arriva la crypto sorveglianza finanziaria · 2022-04-09 08:35 estimated reading time: 11 min In corso i lavori per estendere la normativa antiriciclaggio al settore crypto. Vediamo insieme i punti salienti e l'impatto che le nuove proposte di legge potrebbero avere sulla nostra vita. Nell’Unione Europea sono in corso i lavori per portare avanti
Bitcoin, arriva il fixing: un prezzo di riferimento per le criptovalute · 2022-04-01 19:23 estimated reading time: < 1 min Iniziativa del consorzio italiano Cryptovalues: ogni giorno calcolato il valore medio di sei dei maggiori exchange globali. Per investitori istituzionali e retaildi Pierangelo Soldavini ReutersSarà forse per invidia nei confronti dell'oro fisico che
Link e news selezionate dal mondo della blockchain per · 2022-03-31 13:38 estimated reading time: 6 min Segui le novità via Telegram Lexchain: Blockchain, Bitcoin, formazione e strategie legali e contrattuali.Ultimi argomenti trovati in 30 risorse su 305 in totale:N26: limitazioni sull'apertura di nuovi conti in · 2022-03-31 13:34estimated re
Bank of Italy bans N26 from onboarding new customers over AML failings · 2022-03-31 13:22 estimated reading time: 1 min The Bank of Italy has imposed a ban on the recutiment of new customers by digital bank N26 following an on-site inspection which uncovered lax money laundering controls.The Italian central bank has banned N26 from taking on new customers and from offering n
Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on the President's New Digital Assets Executive Order | The White House · 2022-03-09 17:50:42+0 estimated reading time: 25 min Via Teleconference (March 8, 2022) 6:21 P.M. EST      MODERATOR:  Good evening, everyone.  Thank you for joining today’s press call to discuss President Biden’s new executive order on ensuring responsible innovation in digital assets.      As
Crypto war: As Russian rouble buckles under sanctions, Bitcoin rises · 2022-03-03 10:39:06+0 estimated reading time: 2 min While Russia's rouble is buckling under sanctions, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are rising, stoking speculation that their use could help Moscow bypass the West's economic blockade.Russia's invasion of Ukraine has sparked a slew of economic sanction
The Kevin Rooke Show E23: Adam Curry on Podcasting 2.0, value 4 value, The Fall of Legacy Institutions, and the Lightning Network Listen on Fountain · 2022-03-01 06:14:48+0 estimated reading time: 1 min Adam Curry is one of the pioneers of podcasting, and is playing an integral role in advancing the Podcasting 2.0 movement, and the value 4 value business model.Adam and I spoke about his background in broadcasting, the ways in which the podcast industry has
OpenSea Completes Contract Migration To Fix $1M NFT Listing Exploit · 2022-02-26 07:51:51+0 estimated reading time: 2 min Key Insights The Ethereum NFT Marketplace migrated its smart contract to protect traders’ listings OpenSea announced this a week ago after multiple users lost their NFTs due to the listing exploit To prevent a similar occurrence, OpenSea even launched
Nunchuk – The safest and most advanced self custody solution for your bitcoin · 2022-02-23 10:12:19+0 estimated reading time: 2 min YOUR BITCOIN. GUARD IT. Use Nunchuk multisig wallet 4 out of 21 million bitcoin have been lost forever due to the loss of private keys, forgotten passwords, theft or fraud. If you leave bitcoin on exchanges, they are not yours. If you use a bitcoi
Bitcoin wallet exposes ineptitude of Canadian gov't with blistering response after court tries to freeze crypto assets · 2022-02-23 10:11:41+0 estimated reading time: 2 min The Canadian government's attempt to freeze cryptocurrency funds being used to help Freedom Convoy protesters was met with a defiant response by one cryptocurrency wallet.What is the background?After invoking the Emergencies Act and Terrorist Financing Act
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches a New All Time High · 2022-02-21 15:01:54+0 estimated reading time: 2 min Who would have believed that in less than a year from China’s crypto min ing ban, Bitcoin Hash Rate and min ing difficulty would fully recover and reach new all-time highs?Bitcoin min ing difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to min e a block in
What Is the Metaverse? | Binance Academy · 2022-02-20 22:03:41+0 estimated reading time: 9 min TL;DRThe metaverse is a concept of a persistent, online, 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. You can think of it as a future iteration of the internet. The metaverse will allow users to work, meet, game, and socialize together in th
Cookie Miner Mac Trojan – How to Remove It (Update August 2019) · 2022-02-07 14:14:20+0 estimated reading time: 13 min by Ventsislav Krastev   |  July 11, 2019  |  0 Comments   Mac, Mac malware, Mac Virus, MacOS Threat SummaryCookie Miner – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?Remove Cookie Miner Trojan from Your Mac Update August 2019. What is Cookie Miner? How to
‘Massive wake up call’: Crypto faces growing legal crackdown · 2022-02-05 08:05:57+0 estimated reading time: 6 min Eyonys González poses for a photo with his Bitcoin wallet at his home in Havana, Cuba. | Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo Federal regulators are pursuing cryptocurrency startups in court and striking a growing number of legal settlements for rule violations, trig
The Fed Stablecoins: Growth Potential and Impact on Banking · 2022-02-02 06:43:29+0 estimated reading time: 1 min January 2022Stablecoins: Growth Potential and Impact on BankingGordon Y. Liao and John CaramichaelAbstract:Stablecoins have experienced tremendous growth in the past year, serving as a possible breakthrough innovation in the future of payments. In this pape
Visa says crypto linked card usage hit $2.5 billion in its first quarter · 2022-01-29 19:46:43+0 estimated reading time: 2 min Coinbase launched its own debit card in an effort to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in payments as well as investing. Coinbase Visa said during its recent earnings call that customers made $2.5 billion in payments with its crypto-linked cards in
IMF urges El Salvador to remove Bitcoin as legal tender · 2022-01-26 16:16:25+0 estimated reading time: 1 min Image source, ReutersThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged El Salvador to reverse its decision to make Bitcoin legal tender. In September, El Salvador became the first country to allow consumers to use the cryptocurrency in all transactions, along
Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) · 2022-01-20 21:49:29+0 estimated reading time: < 1 min Next, we set up Bitcoin min ing against other industrial and residential uses of electricity (or energy, depending on the nature of the activity).Bitcoin’s closest and most referenced real-world analogue is gold. While they arguably share utilitarian
Photoshop’s new NFT button could prove you’re the real digital artist · 2021-12-22 07:47:20+0 estimated reading time: 3 min Adobe is launching a system built into Photoshop that can, among other things, help prove that the person selling an NFT is the person who made it. It’s called Content Credentials, and NFT sellers will be able to link the Adobe ID with their crypto wallet
Crypto Startup Solana Raises $314 Million to Develop Faster Blockchain · 2021-12-22 07:43:31+0 estimated reading time: 4 min Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, which led Solana’s funding round. Photo: Joe Buglewicz/Bloomberg News Blockchain startup Solana
What Is a Blockchain Oracle? · 2021-12-17 22:29:48+0 estimated reading time: 3 min A blockchain oracle is any device or entity that connects a deterministic blockchain with off-chain data.There is a lot to unpack in that one sentence.To understand what blockchain oracles are and why we need them, let’s go back to one of the core feature
GitHub iotaledger/ Implementation of the Decentralized Identity standards such as DID and Verifiable Credentials by W3C for the IOTA Tangle. · 2021-12-09 16:55:45+0 estimated reading time: 4 min Introduction ◈ Bindings ◈ Documentation & Resources ◈ Getting Started ◈ Example ◈ Roadmap ◈ ContributingIntroductionIOTA Identity is a Rust implementation of decentralized digital identity, also known as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). I
Introduction to Decentralized Identity | IOTA Wiki · 2021-12-09 16:54:47+0 estimated reading time: 10 min Decentralized Identity or Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) defines a new method for identity management and authentication. It removes the centralized aspects and puts the Identity subject in full control over its own identity. Decentralized identity provides
Decentralized Exchanges and IOTA: A Beginner’s Guide · 2021-12-07 12:30:00+0 estimated reading time: 10 min TL;DR:IOTA’s smart contract tech enables decentralized exchanges – the engine behind decentralized finance and decentralized autonomous organizations – to be built by anyone, anywhere, and with the potential to power all kinds of projects, applicatio
What is a Market Maker and Why Do We Need Them? · 2021-12-07 11:55:54+0 estimated reading time: 4 min market maker A market maker is typically a large bank or institution. They help ensure the liquidity of a market by offering to both buy and sell securities. As an investor, there are some things you need to know about market makers. Here’s how they work