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PROSEGUONO I LAVORI DELL’EUROGRUPPO SULL’ADOZIONE DELL’EURO DIGITALE Cryptovalues · 2023-01-18 2 min 17 Gennaio 2023 Posted by: Cryptovalues Category: Banca, Banche Centrali, Cryptovalues News L’Eurogruppo, l’organismo composto dai min istri delle Finanze europei, ha dichiarato che l’introduzione dell’euro digitale richiede decisioni politiche che dovrebbero esser
Bitcoin Miners Show Signs Of Dumping, Bad For Rally? · 2023-01-17 3 min On-chain data shows Bitcoin min ers could be dumping right now, a sign that could provide an impedance to the rally.Bitcoin Miners’ Position Index Has Shot Up RecentlyAs pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, min ers may be putting selling pressure on the market curre
Linux Foundation Announces an Intent to Form the OpenWallet Foundation · 2023-01-11 9 min A Consortium of Companies and Non Profit Organizations Collaborating to Create an Open Source Software Stack to Advance a Plurality of Interoperable Wallets DUBLIN—September 13, 2022—The Linux Foundation, a global nonprofit organization enabling innovation through open source
AUMENTANO I CONTROLLI FED SULLE BANCHE CHE APRONO ALLE CRYPTO Cryptovalues · 2023-01-09 1 min 9 Gennaio 2023 Posted by: Cryptovalues Category: Cryptovalues News, Dal Mondo Tre autorità di regolamentazione statunitensi, la Federal Reserve, la Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) e l’Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), hanno rilasciato una dic
What Is a BIP39? · 2023-01-06 3 min A step in the process of setting up a new cryptocurrency wallet is the issuance of a 12 to 24 word mnemonic phrase or seed phrases. These seed phrases are necessary for account recovery in case of lost access to users’ funds. The Bitcoin Improvement Proposal number 39 (BIP39) i
Bitcoin’s last stand · 2022-11-30 4 min The value of bitcoin peaked at USD 69,000 in November 2021 before falling to USD 17,000 by mid-June 2022. Since then, the value has fluctuated around USD 20,000. For bitcoin proponents, the seeming stabilization signals a breather on the way to new heights. More likely, however,
Fireblocks #1 Institutional Digital Asset Custody, Settlement & Issuance · 2022-11-17 4 min Fireblocks is an easy to use platform to create new blockchain based products, and manage day-to-day digital asset operations.Watch a 2-minute video to see how Fireblocks works Nabil Manji SVP/GM, Head of Crypto & Web3 Max Boonen Founder Edward Cooper Head of Cryptocurrency
From $32 billion to criminal investigations: How Sam Bankman Fried's crypto empire vanished overnight · 2022-11-16 13 min Samuel Bankman-Fried's poster in downtown San Francisco. MacKenzie Sigalos | CNBC The Kimchi Swap put Sam Bankman-Fried on the map. The year was 2017, and the ex-Jane Street Capital quant trader noticed something funny when he looked at the page on listin
Half a billion dollars mysteriously disappears from collapsed crypto exchange FTX · 2022-11-14 2 min Leading crypto exchange Binance announced on 8 November that it intends to acquire rival FTX (Getty Images) Nearly half a billion dollars has mysteriously disappeared from the collapsed crypto exchange FTX, the company has said.FTX, which filed for bankruptcy on Friday, blamed

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